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You might be interested in the Financial Section on this site. Banks, like Building Societies, often have a restricted range of services - and are notoriously conservative when investing your money. This usually results in very low rates of return. Our financial section covers other Financial Institutions, Mortgages, Investment Consultants, Credit & Finance Companies - and Crowd Funding!

Also see below for all the Building Societies around Your Postcode with their contact details. Just click through to go to a map, street views, reviews and a link to their own websites.


TSB Bank

583 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG5 2JN, UK – 0115 700 9995

There is a friendly set of people here who are ready to assist and advise. It can get busy but there are seats if you need a rest.

Helpful staff a little busy at times but not to bad.

TSB Bank

31 Plains Rd, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 5JU, UK – 0115 700 9998

Friendly staff

The Royal Bank Of Scotland PLC

896 Woodborough Rd, Nottingham NG3 5QR, UK – 0115 960 4889

What a lovely branch. Yet another bank leaving the Mapperley area in November 2018. Nationwide, Halifax, now RBS. Choice is going. Plus, leaves the elderly and people with mobility issues with less and less choice. Not every one can access public transport, let alone getting into the city centre to do their banking. More ATMs are also being lost. These can only do limited transactions. What about depositing cheques or lose change?

It is sad that a local branch of RBS has reduced its opening hours, however this should not detract from the view of the service that this local branch provides which in my experience has always been excellent in terms of customer care, hence me having stayed with them for 20 years - I have not found any other bank I have tried in the past competes with their customer service

Building Societies

Nottingham Building Society

62 Front St, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 7EJ, UK – 0115 926 0930

Nottingham Building Society

19a Plains Rd, Nottingham NG3 5LG, UK – 0115 960 6833

Nottingham Building Society

620 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG5 2GA, UK – 0115 956 4181

Local Chambers of Commerce for NG5 3FN. These can be an extraordinarily effective way of getting into the business community and / or getting things done. Equally they can be entirely useless depending on the chair. If they have networking events associated with them definitely go, and keep going, if you have a business that need local support. What you put in is exactly what you get out. Below is the national site. Watch this slot - it might improve!

We could not find any Councils around your location. Please click below to see full results from Google.

This link works well. If you have fly tipping, litter issues etc you can either click and enter your local authority or find it on an interactive map. The services just drop down for you.
Find the local council, MP and MEP for NG5. Type your postcode into relevant box and find details for your local councillor, MP and MEP. MPs can be extremely useful if you want a local issue aired or fixed. Get an appointment for a surgery meeting if you want to talk directly to your MP.

Councils have also become increasingly useful, business focused and lean. If you want something done think about contacting your local council or contacting your local representative. Click below to get the contact details of your representatives for the Nottingham area
Find local dentists and dental practices around Nottingham and NG5 3FN with location maps and contact details. The link below takes you to a vastly improved NHS site which tells you what you need to know! This includes whether they take NHS patients and lots of other useful information. You can also find out whether they do orthodontic dentistry and other complex work.

Well worth a click.

Dental Surgeries

Holly Tree House Dental Practice

334 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG5 2EF, UK – 0115 962 2882

By far the most caring dentist and hygienist we have ever been registered with. My husband was terrified of going to the dentist, but he now attends all his appointments without the same sense of foreboding and fear that he has had all his life. I used to have to have my teeth scaled and polished every three months, but because of the thorough job the hygienist does, I now only need to have this procedure done every six months or so. It's especially lovely to get old fashioned, professional, friendly customer service too!

First visit here today- extremely happy with the experience- very friendly welcoming receptionists, hardly any wait time and a great examination with thorough check, relaxed but professional and clear explanations of any issues/queries/treatment options.

Porchester Dental Practice

198 Porchester Rd, Nottingham NG3 6LH, UK – 0115 950 0079

We have been 4 times. The dentist examines more precisely than any I have known and I always walk out feeling like my teeth are back to the condition they were when new. The dentist finds all issues and corrects them in super quick time and is also very straight talking regarding the honest truth of the teeth and gums and the options available My daughter has autism and has always refused to see a dentist due to fear of new places, but the dentist made her feel so calm and relaxed that she completed an examination and now my daughter is happy to have her teeth checked at every visit. We always leave with a list of things to do which makes us feel sure that we have the tools to keep our teeth in excellent health and feel that we are well looked after and cared for. Highly recommend this excellent practice to anyone.

A service that is second to none from the minute you walk through the door. For the first time in over 40 years of visiting a dentist, I had my first ever, truly "painless injection" no mouth full of cotton wool pads and no "just get it in as quick as possible" attitude. For many years I had 2 damaged/chipped front teeth that I believed unrepairable without costly private treatment. How wrong was I. Within what seemed like a few seconds my teeth were repaired to such fantastic condition that I could not stop showing them off to everyone, as I had hidden them behind my hands for so long. I would not hesitate to recommend this dental practise to anyone, even those who are nervous of dentist. Even the girls on reception are pleasant, happy and go above and beyond to accommodate patients need. I can genuinely say that everything about your treatment is explain in full detail, with the final decision being the one that suits YOU and your requirement the best. A genuine caring practice.......I did not receive any free treatment to write this review nor am I related to anyone at this practise, but I do believe that good service deserves good comments

Arnold Dental

77c High St, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 7DJ, UK – 0115 920 0571

Arnold Dental puts you at ease directly you walk into the welcoming atmosphere. The staff are cheerful and professional and treatment is delivered in an environment to put you at ease. Everything is explained to you in an endearing way which instantly gains your confidence. Wow, the tooth is out and I didn’t even realise. After care explained with a smile ... I would certainly highly recommend this practice.

Arnold Dental has been the family dentist for over ten years now. The reception staff are friendly and approachable. The assistants are helpful and the Dentist's are informative and supportive. All in all not a bad place at all.

West Oak Surgery

319 Westdale La, Nottingham NG3 6EW, UK – 0115 952 5320

Always very helpful and sympathetic. Receptionists are friendly and Doctor is very professional

Easily accessible to all. Friendly and helpful staff

Highcroft Surgery - Dr J B McKeating & Partners

High St, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 7BQ, UK – 0115 883 2330

I have been with this surgery now for four years and have seen a great improvement over the last few months. If you do as requested and phone at 8 o’clock in the morning you can usually get to talk to a doctor on the phone or an appointment within 48 hours. However, I did have to wait over an hour in the surgery before I was seen on the day of my appointment but luckily I remembered to take my book with me so I was occupied. I found the doctors and nurses there are thorough and interested in listening to me. I have no complaints apart from the long waiting time. I think because of lack of funding to GP surgeries they are always paddling upstream against the current. Generally well done. Diane

Just have to say how good you was today.Walked in there today with no appiontment within 40 minutes seen a doctor.Got a presription seen a nurse and had a tetnus jab.Thank you so much for your service it was fantastic xxx

Dr C N Pillai

Plains View Surgery/57 Plains Rd, Nottingham NG3 5LB, UK – 0115 962 1717

Very good doctors.. staff are really good.

NHS Direct is now NHS 24. Just dial 111 to speak to a professional or click the link below for there self help website. Lots of really useful info but keep clear of heart surgery! If in doubt ask your GP or call 111. Good luck.

British Gas - Breakdown & Repairs 0845 9 60 50 40

Fire - Ambulance - Police 999

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust - City Hospital Campus

Hucknall Rd, Nottingham NG5 1PB, UK – 0115 969 1169

Excellent staff on the maternity ward. All of the midwives were exceptionally supportive from beginning to end. I felt very well looked after and my C Section scar healed very quickly and neatly. Thank you so much for looking after us

Routine appointment. Can be a bit of a wait, but not this time. Very friendly staff and empathetic medical staff. Definitely in safe hands here

Woodthorpe Hospital

748 Mansfield Rd, Woodthorpe, Nottingham NG5 3FZ, UK – 0115 920 9209

Professional and caring staff who are friendly and easily approachable. Excellent level a cleanliness and delicious food.

Very nice hospital.. staff are very friendly! Saw my consultant twice and got a surgery date that fitted with me. **update** surgery was excellent, very well cared for. Mr Dhar did an amazing job, 6 months later I'm pain free and walking as normal, Superb surgeon / anaesthesia ans aftercare team.

The Priory Hospital Nottingham

Ransom Rd, Nottingham NG3 5GS, UK – 0115 969 3388

The Nottingham Priory is unlike most other Priories in that it deals only with drugs and alcohol problems which is in my view a real advantage. Most other priory hospitals treat psychiatric conditions too. The 12-Step programme is not religious, or at least it is not meant to be. Unfortunately it gets taken over by overly zealous people and it can appear sinister. The facts are though that it is one of the most successful methodologies available. The only way to research what would suit you, other than visiting loads of clinics is to use a professional online referral agency such as Admit Services or WayAhead Rehab. Neither charges for their independent advice. Never pay a referral agency; you pay the clinic. But finding an ideal clinic is likely to be impossible. The Nottingham Priory suits a lot of people and there is little choice in Nottingham.

I entered the priory Nottingham for two weeks 1 detox and 1 "therapy" due to excess alcohol use after years of over the top consumption which was beginning to effect my business and family , whilst my stay was made comfortable by all concerned ie staff,nurses and patients I found the therapy side of my stay very sinister, I will explain later. week 1 involved detox which was spot on, the nurses were excellent and the medication prescribed in a very professional and monitored manner which made what is a very difficult process easier, if you've ever detoxed before you will know what I mean. week 2 involved "therapy", it is this side of things I didn't really agree with, firstly it involves a process called the 12 step program, I suggest you research this to see what it entails as it is extensively used but never really publicised, I had never heard of it before. personally I found it very religious and cultlike with a lot of personal things said in meetings which I found uncomfortable and if you aren't a religious person like myself it might be a bit hard to swallow. From a personal point of view I found the priory ok, but like I said do your research and ask questions. summery staff, nurses 10/10 premises 10/10 food 10/10 detox10/10 care 10/10 "therapy" -/1 theres not enough noughts, far too much emphasis on spirituality(religion) and the "Big Book" and 12 step nonsense hope this helps

Local hospitals - community hospitals and hospitals with A&E departments for NG5 3FN.

The new NHS website below is very well worth a look. Hospitals are not only listed but evaluated. I certainly know which ones I would go to! At the very least you will know what questions to ask if you are sent to one which has not entered its data. Good luck!
Find the local Health Trust for NG5 3FN
This Parliamentary website will find MPs - just type in your postcode. It also gives details of how to contact your MP

Find Local Churches & Places of Worship

Infant of Prague Catholic Church

43 Cherry Orchard Mount, Nottingham NG5 5TQ, UK

Use to go with my gran

St Leodegarius C of E Church

152 Church St, Basford, Nottingham NG6 0GD, UK – 0115 978 9223

It's a calm spot to sit

The Kings Church Arnold

Shirley Dr, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 7JX, UK – 0115 967 9997

My home chirch

Lovely Church, very humble people, caring.You're welcomed!

Your local Christian churches. Click on your town/village to find churches in your area. Good and media savvy churches will give you a real feel for what sort of service to expect.
This is a brilliant site. Click to see virtually everything you are likely to need to know about the Police and crime statistics around Nottingham. You can often even see a photo of your local policeman!

Crimestoppers - Call 0800 555111 or 101 for non emergency

Find Recycling Centres

D.C.W Metals

1-2, 14 Lincoln St, Nottingham NG6 0FX, UK – 0115 978 1299

Easy to find and off load, friendly and helpful staff. Been numerous times and service is great.

Sanders Cardboard Collection Nottingham

42 Leybourne Dr, Nottingham NG5 5GQ, UK – 07734 423039

Two Hawks Recycling

52 Edwinstowe Dr, Nottingham NG5 3EP, UK – 07870 221458

Give and get free stuff. Here you will find lots of items that people are willing to give away, for FREE! This is instead of taking them to a local landfill site. The aim of this site is to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill (20.9 million tonnes of it last year in the UK) and recycling is great news for the environment.
We all know that we need to recycle more - and this is a great way of doing it.
You may prefer to go through to our Eating Out page which has a complete range of places you can go from the most economical to the most lavish.  Please CLICK HERE!

You will also find Take Aways and Pubs in this section. Enjoy!

Local Restaurants & Places to Eat around Nottingham

Le Mistral

575 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG5 2JN, UK – 0115 911 6116

A lovely little bistro in the heart of Sherwood on the Mansfield Road. A French themed menu with a good selection of chefs specials. The wine selection is very good with good quality wines on offer. The food was freshly cooked with good ingredients and was of a high standard. I would have no problem in recommending this restaurant.

Really nice food. Friendly service

Ania Polish Restaurant

558 Mansfield Rd, Nottingham NG5 2FS, UK – 0115 985 8666

This one took me by surprise and not necessarily in a good way. Having read many reviews directing me to the 'best restaurant in Nottingham' I was disappointed to find that the food was a little lack lustre. Don't get me wrong it was tasty and not doubt the recipes authentic polish, but it was mostly under seasoned, under ambitious and overall and little bland. The portion sizes were very generous though, and the chap serving us was a super hero! The drink menu was comprehensive. There is some. Parking outside, but give yourself 5 minutes to find one before your reservation.

Fantastic restaurant. We've been quite a few times now and will keep going back. Always a fab atmosphere and perfect food served and cooked by people who obviously care. Make sure you call in advance as it is always fully booked once you try it you will understand why

Himalayan Inn Nottingham

158 Front St, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 7EG, UK – 0115 920 5480

Went there for a Christmas meal and it remains as a restaurant experience I compare others to. The service was second to none and the food was authentic and tasty. Nothing was too much trouble and they spoke passionately about their home and what an amazing place it is. Genuine people running a fantastic establishment, had this been in the centre of the City this place would have made restaurant reviews and critics lists easily. Would highly recommend.

Great place for family meal or a meal with friends. The staff are attentive and helpful. And it's always service with a smile. I loved it. Food was really tasty. Excellent

Nursery and Preschools

Coteswood House Pre-School and Day Nursery

19 Thackeray's Ln, Woodthorpe, Nottingham NG5 4HT, UK – 0115 967 6551

Our eldest son went to Coteswood House School five years ago, our daughter is there currently and our youngest son is starting full time this coming September. It's a fantastic little school, in a great setting with lovely teachers. Our experiences have always been positive. I'm happy to have been able to play a part in saving Coteswood House from closure in April 2014 along with all the other parents, ex-pupils and staff that have rallied to save this little gem in the local community.

Westdale Pre School

Westdale Childcare and Education Unit, Westdale Lane, Mapperley, Nottingham NG3 6ET, UK – 0115 840 4140

Very professional support for parents and child. Lovely atmosphere , educational, inspiring. ...just like it should be.

Arnold St Marys Pre-school

Church Ln, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 8HJ, UK – 07969 544137

My youngest son has recently started here and is loving it. His older sister attended so I knew he would be in safe hands. All the staff have remained the same and you can see how well they all work as a team and their genuine love for the children. They provided a very gentle transition period which resulted in no tears for my son, even in the early days. I have received large amounts of feedback regarding their progress, with lots of examples and photos (which I was given when my daughter left). The outdoor space is excellent and I love that my active child will get lots of opportunity to burn off energy! When my daughter attended I received several feedback survey's and its great to know they are continually looking at ways to improve.

After first sending my daughter here 4 years ago I just had to send my youngest. She started in September and already can see a hugh difference in her speech, knowledge of colours and many other things. I love that the children have the opportunity to play either indoor or outdoor at their own leisure be it sunny or raining. The staff are amazing and nice to see the same dedicated staff as the first time I came. Overall it's a brilliant pre school to help your little ones get ready for big school.

Primary and Secondary Schools

Southwark Primary School

Park Lane, Old Basford, Nottingham NG6 0DT, UK – 0115 915 0469

Great school with staff that care, my son moved on to a good secondary after being given the extra effort by staff and leaving with an excellent report from his time at Southwark.

Because I have a few questions about the map

Nottingham Academy (Ransom Road Campus)

Ransom Dr, Nottingham NG3 5LR, UK – 0115 748 3390

A vibrant school at the heart of a diverse community. Good OFSTED rating and exceptional teaching.

Good school

Robert Mellors Primary School

Bonington Dr, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 7EX, UK – 0115 840 8068

great place.

Great But when a want to look at my house it gose on 8or9

Public & Preparatory Schools

Green Academy

Queensberry St, Nottingham NG6 0DG, UK – 0115 837 1338

Can somebody please pick up the phone!! or post the prayer timetable online.

Very Good Place. I specially like Monthly Program happening on First Saturday of Every Month. Very Good Lectures and Great Selection of Speakers. Jazak Allah Khair

Hazel Hurst School

400 Westdale La, Nottingham NG3 6DG, UK – 0115 960 6759

Djanogly Learning Trust

Sherwood Rise, Nottingham NG7 7AR, UK – 0115 942 1352

See all sorts of shops near you.
Local social service agencies for NG5 with contact details and location maps

Gas Transco

0800 111999

British Gas Breakdown & Repairs

0845 9 60 50 40
Local electricity supply companies for NG5 3FN with contact details and location maps
Local gas supply companies for NG5 3FN, including bottled gas, with contact details and location maps
Local water supply and treatment companies for NG5 3FN with contact details and location maps